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Epigro is an energy service provider in Sri Lanka. Among its primary services, the company designs, finances and installs solar power electricity systems, performs energy efficiency audits and installs LED lights.

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Why choose Epigro?

  • Peace of Mind,  we take care of all government approval and installation and we provide 25 year International product warrenty with guaranteed results.
  • Expert Engineers, perform site assessment to check Solar Insolation and Solar Irradiance, thereby giving accurate and efficient tilt angle and placement for Solar Panels with one day easy free installation.
  • Best World Class Products,  – use the best proven world’s leading products to get the best efficiencies, guarantee you 25 years of sunny prospects.These solar pannels are made in Europe by world's leading brands.
  • Short pay back period along with easy pay schemes(0% loan schemes),  Investment you put in starts giving you saving as soon as the grid connection is activated, you can see daily saving on your cell phone or computer through integrated system.
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