Project Finance & Investment


In essence, a solar site lease is an agreement to lease your property for a solar installation. In a site lease agreement, you turn an unused space of your roof into a revenue stream. There are no equipment or maintenance obligations or costs to the site owner.

Solar site leases are an excellent way for a business, organization or municipality to support solar energy without worrying about the responsibility of owning and maintaining a solar system.

About Epigro and Investment Partners

The Investment Partner is a European developer of solar power plants with a long-term Build-Own-Operate strategy. The company is a subsidiary of the largest private developer of wind parks in Europe, and with a proven track record, expertise, network and established partners. We have a shared goal of delivering sustainable and clean energy worldwide, in an ethical and efficient manner.

5% - 7.5% from the income receives from CEB will be paid to Lessor in monthly or annual basis.

This works out to approximately an average of 25% of the net income.

Epigro is a leading energy service provider in Sri Lanka comprises a team of Sri Lankan and German Engineers. Epigro mainly focus on large scale rooftop solar power installation and maintenance services backed by world’s leading European solar PV manufacturers and Installers.

A solar lease will typically include maintenance and repairs, system monitoring, insurance, and a roof penetration warranty. When you sign up for Epigro’s solar lease (PPA), you're completely covered with our worry-free, comprehensive warranty.
Our warranty covers up to 25 years of proactive monitoring, maintenance, free equipment replacement and system repairs, full insurance coverage and an industry-leading roof penetration warranty. That’s years of solar savings, ZERO maintenance required.